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By | October 26, 2018


There are so many business opportunities available online offering chances to make quick money, that prospective online marketers have to be careful when trying to start a business online. I have been involved in some of these offers which turn out to be not as advertised or to be complete scams. But if you looked, and hard enough you can find an excellent, credible online business opportunity, as I did when I came across Wealthy Affiliate, an affiliate marketing training platform, that educates affiliate new and experienced. I became a member of this organization in June 2015, so after over three years as a premium member, I can tell you that the platform is delivering strong results in helping a lot of people make money online. In this review of wealthy affiliate, I will outline the pros and cons of the product by telling you what it is, how the platform works, what I like about it, and who will benefit. So, if you are starting an online business as an affiliate marketer, or, if you have already heard about wealthy affiliate and you are trying to make up your mind if it is for you, you will have an easier time to decide.

What is Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an online training platform that educates affiliate marketers, both newbies, and experienced entrepreneurs, build successful businesses. It is a one-stop-shop for affiliate marketing providing all the tools one needs to grow a successful business online, such as the education to create a website and a business strategy, website hosting, and ongoing support and mentorship, among other things. The platform is highly ranked by industry experts for the packages it offers; a free starter membership for those starting out in the business with training, two free websites, web hosting and more. As well as premium membership for those who want to take their activities to the next level, and this includes a lot more practice, site hosting, and a robust support network which consists of the owners of the company and members of the community numbering in the hundreds of thousands, and much more. The following chart is the overview and rankings of the company.


This site will show you how to make money online by giving you legitimate business ideas to create your home-based business on the internet. You may be able to earn an income to supplement what you make from your fulltime job or allow you to gain a full-time salary working from home. The Platform was founded in 2005 by Kyle and Carson, and in the thirteen years since, it has grown to become the worldwide leader in the affiliate marketing industry, with over 1.4 million members in 193 countries

What the platform offers

Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam so you won’t be scammed here. What they do is to simplify the process of affiliate marketing and provide the education for you to use any business idea or passion you have to create an online business. According to Kyle, one of the founders of Wealthy Affiliate, people tend to make the process of building a business online more complicated than it needs to be, the process of creating a business online around any niche of your choice, he explained, only requires the four simple steps as outlined by the chart below.


Another strategy calls for you to take a Boot-camp training course to become an affiliate marketer promoting the wealthy affiliate program.


Some of the key features of the platform

In addition to the business strategies, the following are a few of the key features of the platform.

  • Training

The training you get at Wealthy Affiliate is second to none. The company also offers incredible value to its members in Top Notch Training, Professional WordPress Websites, Quality Web Hosting, and World Class Member Support among others. And it provides all of this at a low cost. Training comes in many forms. Most of it happens on videos, but there is also classroom training, webinars, as well as training created by Wealthy Affiliate members. Also, you have on-going live chat involving hundreds of thousands of members from the community on a 24-hour 7 day a week basis. It is very comprehensive covering everything you need to build your business. For example, Members are taught how to create a website, how to attract visitors to the site and how to monetize it. The training is also easy to follow. You can replay the videos repeatedly until the concept sinks in.

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  • Professional Websites

Every successful online business uses a website as its foundation. Wealthy Affiliate is no different. You build your own site on WA’s platform using WordPress themes. Creating a website here is a straightforward process that takes only a few minutes.

  • Hosting

Website hosting is a very essential part of any website. As an affiliate marketer looking to make money on the internet, you will need reliable, high quality hosting with all the right features that allow people to access your site quickly. There is no shortage of web hosting providers offering various hosting services, but at Wealthy Affiliate, you don’t have to go to another provider or the additional cost of hosting because Wealthy Affiliate provides fast, reliable hosting that is second to none, on its state-of-the-art hosting platform to all its members.

  • Keyword Research

Wealthy Affiliate provides keyword research capabilities for its members to research keyword opportunities for their business. Two keyword tools are available. One that is free has been released by Wealthy Affiliates internally and a second one, Jaaxy, is available to premium users.

  • Member Support

You can have all of the step-by-step instructions you can use about how to build a business, but without ongoing support and mentoring from a strong supporting network, it will be hard achieve the success you seek. Here at Wealthy Affiliate the level of support is incredible and is available in different ways. There is a live chat, a forum that is available on a 24-hour, 7 day a week basis, where you can have your questions answered. There is a website support group that handles all matters relating to your website. You can also present your questions to the WA community where other members will provide answers, and finally, you can get one on one support and mentoring through private messaging to senior members. Wealthy Affiliate has over 1.4 million members, many of which are highly successful with their online businesses and are prepared to help you.


The Cost Of Membership

You do not have to spend any money to become a member of Wealthy Affiliate. You can join free of charge because the company offers a Free Starter Membership to people who are just getting started. This is not a thirty-day trial before you begin paying but a lifetime membership that you can keep as long as you want. It includes two free websites and the training for you to get started. As a free member, you get to learn the basics of online marketing and at the same time evaluate the program to see if it is for you.

The company also offers Premium Membership for $49 per month, or 359 a year, if you pay yearly. As a premium member, you get a lot more than a free member. For example, you can get up to 50 websites, more in-depth training, access to industry experts, top quality hosting, mentorship, and more. You can refer to the following chart for the main differences between the free membership versus Premium.

Who Will Benefit From The Program

The platform is for affiliate marketers of all levels of expertise. It is for those just starting out to create an online business as well as experienced marketers who have already achieved success online.  No prior business experience is necessary, all you need to start is a computer device that can connect to the internet. The methods taught in this program will benefit people at all levels in affiliate marketing.

But like anything else, not everyone will find success in this program because the program is not a get-rich-quick-scheme or an overnight success. If you are expecting to make some quick cash, you may be disappointed.  Any successful online marketer will tell you that success online takes time, hard work and perseverance.

How do you know whether something is for you? You try it, of course. So, start with the free starter membership.  This will let you see what the program is all about and whether it is suited for you.

What I Like Most About Wealthy Affiliate

The free starter membership is undoubtedly one of the best standout features of the company to attract to new people. I took advantage of that free starter membership and after seeing what the company was all about I upgraded to premium membership a short while later.

  • The depth of the training you get here is another impressive feature. Tons of videos that you can watch repeatedly, tutorials, classroom training, as well as training created by other members of the community.
  • The instructions are easy to follow and a far cry better than any others I have seen online.
  • The training is backed up by ongoing support from the owners and senior members of the community at large.
  •  Both types of membership offer great value. But keep in mind that the free starter account is for people just starting out. Premium is for those who are in for the long haul.

What is there not to like about Wealthy Affiliate? You can call me biased, but I don’t see much here that I don’t like.

What are the drawbacks

There is no severe drawback with Wealthy Affiliate that I can see. The only thing I can point is that there is the information overload. For example, the Online Entrepreneur Certification training, which prepares you to build a business within any niche you want, consists of 5 courses with a total of 50 lessons. The Affiliate Bootcamp training, which takes you through the process of creating a business as an affiliate marketer for Wealthy Affiliate, consist of 7 courses with a total of 70 lessons.  Yes, there is a ton of information to absorb, but you must take the time to work through it.

What other experts say about Wealthy Affiliate

Click the following link for a review of affiliate training websites in which wealthy affiliate is ranked one of the best ‘affiliate marketing courses of 2018’.  https://partners.livechatinc.com/blog/affiliate-marketing-training/


The most critical factor when you are starting out as an affiliate marketer is that, to be an efficient affiliate marketer you must develop the skills necessary by mastering the field of knowledge about affiliate marketing.  You can try to learn affiliate marketing by trial and error. But that is not the best way. The best way is to join a reputable affiliate marketing training course that will guide you through the leading affiliate marketing techniques and secrets.

Over the years Wealthy Affiliate has become one of the most reputable and highest-rated resources to teach you those affiliate marketing techniques. They provide a large amount of information in their training courses for you to absorb and process. Don’t be overwhelmed by it all. Just take one training course at a time, follow the instructions carefully and put them in practice before moving on the next one.

Finally, I included only some of the key features of Wealthy Affiliate in this review. There is a  more you will find out about the platform that you can check for yourself. Start with the free membership account. You can also keep the free account for as long as you want and make money as a free member. But keep in mind that if you stay a free member, you will be missing out on some of the things you need to take your business to the next level such as, a lot more training videos, help from the experts’ 24 hours a day, seven days a week, access to industry experts, etc. If you decide to become a premium member you can take advantage of the special bonus of $19 for your first month of premium membership, a 61% discount. But this discount is only being offered to those who join premium within the first 7 days.

Click here to sign up for a free account.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them below.



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